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To be a part of the RolesPilot culture, it is necessary to cherish our core values. You are a trustworthy and honest person? You are dedicated, innovative, and result-oriented? Come and join us.



I can self-assess and know my strengths and weaknesses. I am truthful in my intentions, and I can present my boundaries. I can get behind my words. I understand that I am not always right. I know how to receive feedback positively. I am dependable and committed, and my team can rely on my work.



I am an overview thinker. I dedicate my time to getting the most optimal solution for everything I do. I understand that existing methods are not always the best, and I will seek new ones. I will evaluate all the options objectively, with the whole picture in mind. I seek improvement through innovation and overcome rules that have become obstacles.



I dare to make minor improvements and learn each day. I am growing my knowledge repeatedly, and this shows through my work. I ask for help when I need it. I am learning from my mistakes. I understand growth is challenging. It is not only about my job but also about myself. I want to improve, and I improve myself through work. My work is a part of me, and I improve by doing the job well.



The minimum required is never enough for me. I always seek to perform and deliver beyond software. I want to progress and constantly raise the standard. I strive to deliver what is needed and beyond. I measure excellence with intuitiveness and simplicity in my work. At the end of the day, I feel accomplished by the work I have done, and I confidence when I show my work to others.



I enjoy my work, and the people around me can notice it. I appreciate all the hard work that helped me be where I am. I am grateful for my team and the professional challenges improving me. I am doing the work that fulfills me. I embrace the long journey of the career path, and I appreciate the daily opportunities to grow.



I form relationships with everyone based on mutual respect, recognition, and broad-mindedness. I am for my team, and my team is for me. Together we can build anything. I offer visibility on everything I do and include my teammates in decision- making. I listen before I speak, and I express myself with understanding. I ask questions to gain insight and offer thoughtful ideas and opinions.

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QT GUI Designer for Embedded Linux

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