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We connect skilled experts with companies in need of software development expertise. Simply put, we bridge the gap between talented individuals looking for work and companies in need of workforce.


Antonio Ramirez

Web Developer


Emmanuel Veras

Software Engineer

D. Republic

Olja Tešić

Client Delivery Manager


Slavisa Kukricar

Product Owner

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Unlock exceptional talent.

Our extensive experience in remote work inspired the idea to provide the best possible remote-hiring system that helps companies find and hire the best experts around the world. At RolesPilot, we understand the importance of easy and reliable coverage of the hiring process, which is why we strive to help you overcome project-related challenges and achieve success.

Methodic Matching Process

Our methodic matching process entails presenting our selection of experts to choose from. To make sure that you find your perfect match we provide consultancy until you feel like you’ve found the experts that suit your needs entirely.

Risk-Free Recruitment

Our meticulous recruitment strategy guarantees that you’ll be working with capable professionals with excellent technical skills. We guarantee full task completion and clear and straightforward communication no matter the complexity.

High-Quality Service

Our talent acquisition process ensures that you get a fast and reliable service. All RolesPilot experts are trained to approach your project with great focus and in-depth comprehension, offering solutions to existing challenges.

A network of world-class experts.

Our experts are carefully selected and continuously tested. Being a member of RolesPilot means continuously maintaining a superb set of skills. We know the challenges of remote work, and how crucial it is to align with the people you're working with.

Hire an outstanding on-demand team.

Whether you're looking for a single remote expert or a full team, we are passionate about finding the perfect match for your outsourced project. With RolesPilot, you can easily create on-demand teams to support your projects and see the benefit of hiring great talent with proven track records, and an unbeatable success rate.

1. Tell us your challenges .

To start with, we need some basic information about your project or idea. By filling out our form, you'll help us understand what type of team and expertise you need to bring your vision to life.

2. Help us understand your vision.

We want to comprehend our client's needs on the highest level. Through our discovery process, we aim to thoroughly understand your project goals and transform your vision into an innovative solution.

3. We build your team.

Once we've understood your needs, we will work round the clock to interview, test, and select a top-tier team of experts that will match your business needs and project goals.

4. Watch your project grow.

Our experts are all about efficiently getting your vision into reality and according to the timeline. We'll build or scale your project and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

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