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Our experts are carefully selected and continuously tested. To be a member of the RolesPilot network and maintain the membership, you need to show a superb skill set.


Through years of hiring and working with great talent to build, support, and scale applications and infrastructures, we have honed our culture and developed a process of identifying and vetting superior team members. We have put together a fantastic bench, and now that bench is available to you as well.

At RolesPilot we partner with companies to match them with the right talent that has the right skills and characteristics with the right attitude to achieve their project and staffing goals.

Our mission is to be your HR and Recruiting assistant to save you time and money in building and/or scaling your tech team!


Employ the world!

Thomas Reid once wrote, “A chain is no stronger than its weakest link“, and we agree that a team is only as strong as its weakest member.

Our vision is not just about matching great talent with great companies (no matter where in the world either may be), but it is also about growth and fairness. It’s about giving experts and rising stars a platform to find solid work with good teams, a community to join, new mentors, and the training to master and expand their skill sets. Their success is the business’s success.


At RolesPilot we seek out tech professionals who are objective about their work, acknowledging both their strengths and weaknesses. They are honest about what they can handle and how long it will take them to do it. Punctuality and sticking to deadlines are qualities we nurture in all our experts.


We are naturally curious about new technologies, and both our team and our experts love exploring fresh ideas! However, our policy is not to rush with abandoning established methods just for the sake of following the latest trends. You can rely on our professionals to handle your projects with proven solutions.


We understand that work plays a significant role in everyone’s life, and the professionals chosen by RolesPilot approach their responsibilities with dedication and pride. We foster a culture of embracing challenges with a positive attitude and welcoming constructive feedback as opportunities to grow.


Our experts are dedicated professionals who strive for excellence in their work, but their ambition doesn’t impede their personal growth. They are high-achievers committed to meeting project requirements while remaining aware of their capabilities.


At RolesPilot we know that work is an integral part of life, and our experts genuinely enjoy working and see it as a part of who they are. They embrace professional challenges as chances to grow daily and show respect for everyone they work with due to their mature and professional approach.


Our experts maintain an open and effective communication by actively listening and responding clearly. They are transparent and can explain their work in a manner that is comprehensible to people from different professional backgrounds.

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Leave headhunting to us, say goodbye to risk, and expand your possibilities! We break physical borders to bring together the finest experts worldwide.