Recruitment Process.

Our experts are carefully selected and continuously tested. To be a member of the RolesPilot network and maintain the membership, you need to show a superb skill set.

Resumé Evaluation

The first part of the selection process is a resumé evaluation and background check. Our Human Resource representatives review the applications and eliminate any candidate who does not meet our expectations.

Interview Assessment

Our interviewing process is a two-phase screening where we examine experts’ qualifications and experience. Also, we want our future experts to align with our attitude, culture, perspective, and core values.

Technical Assignment

To prove their expertise, our future experts must solve technical assignments in a timely and efficient manner with a high degree of integrity and professionalism. The testing process evaluates experts’ knowledge of best practices, programming concepts, and principles.

Staff Interview

After successfully pass the previous recruitment steps, the RolesPilot team will be thrilled to meet the candidates in a live interview. In this live interview, the candidate can really shine and benefit from a possible wow factor that will turn his candidature into a job contract.

RolesPilot Membership

The RolesPilot recruitment is a highly demanding process oscillating between intuition, psychology, domain expertise, and exceptional communication. After completing all steps, our experts earn their right to become members of our network.

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