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Inside the RolesPilot Recruitment Process

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We’re excited to announce that RolesPilot is officially live and already generating significant interest from potential candidates and clients! As our platform expands, we felt like it was just the right time to make you, our clients and candidates, more familiar with our recruitment process.

While RolesPilot is a new platform, our team brings over a decade of experience in talent acquisition to the table: RolesPilot is a subsidiary of, a relational development company that celebrated its tenth anniversary just this year. At, we've refined our approach to talent acquisition and developed an easy four-step process for selecting outstanding candidates with excellent skills. As a daughter company of, RolesPilot is committed to maintaining the same high standards, and in this blog post, we’ll walk you through our recruitment process so that both candidates and clients can get a glimpse of its effectiveness and simplicity.

Step 1: Resumé evaluation

The first step in our selection process involves a thorough evaluation of resumés and a background check. Our dedicated Human Resource representatives review applications and eliminate candidates who don’t meet our criteria.

Step 2: Interview Assessment

Our interview process is a two-phase screening designed to assess experts’ qualifications, experience and cultural fit with our values and perspective.

Step 3: Technical Assignment

Candidates who progress to this stage must complete technical assignments that test their expertise, professionalism, and problem-solving skills, evaluating their knowledge of best practices, programming concepts and principles.

Step 4: Staff Interview

Successful candidates from the previous stages are invited to a live interview with the RolesPilot team, providing them with the opportunity to truly shine and potentially secure a job contract.

Step 5: RolesPilot Membership!

Becoming a member of RolesPilot is an achievement in itself, as it requires a unique blend of intuition, psychology, domain expertise and exceptional communication skills. After completing all steps, candidates become one of us!

Candidate Testimonials

Here’s what candidates who have experienced our recruitment process had to say:

“After carefully considering my options I chose 2am because their values match what I want in my professional and personal life, and their SQL experts have so much to teach and share. I’ll always continue to learn, but also aim to teach and help others grow.

Special thanks to Maja for her absolutely clear and warm communication in the recruitment process!”

“Thank you for getting back to me. I truly appreciate our interview, and at the same time I understand the company’s requirements and needs. Again, a huge thank you for the time and dedication during the recruitment process. I wish you the best of luck with the new selected candidate. Please keep in touch!”

“The recruitment process at was a cool experience. The team was extremely professional from resumé evaluation to the final interview, I was really impressed. I’m excited that I have been accepted and I look forward to being a part of this community of experts!”

Finding and recruiting exceptional talent can be challenging and time-consuming, but we’ve ensured that our process doesn’t burden our candidates with unnecessary delays. We swiftly and comprehensively assess compatibility, and if it’s not a match, we part ways amicably, allowing candidates to explore alternative options without delay. Mutual respect is a cornerstone of our approach, extended both to our existing members and prospective candidates.

If you haven’t already done so, apply as an expert and experience our efficient recruitment process firsthand. Alternatively, if you’d like to browse through our pool of talented individuals, you can find them here.

We look forward to meeting you!

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